Machines for Living / Grandmother’s Asleep

Kornveits’ grandmother was born in Moscow. With her immigration to Israel, the cabinet was placed at the center of the house, where she proudly displayed all the fine china cabinet. There was an air of holiness around that cabinet: only she was allowed to touch it or change its composition. The display in the cabinet changed with the seasons or different themes, and reflected a passion for detail and kitsch. Kornveits installed ‘Grandmother’s Asleep’ – the cabinet, complete with pottery and ceramics collected over the years. But an uneasy trembling disrupts the domestic scene: every few minutes bass subwoofers hidden in the cabinet shake these relics of a past home. The cabinet is in fact the meeting point between the domestic space and the outside permeating into it, like a car playing deafening music, driving down the street and making the whole interior tremble. In the exhibition the cabinet is turned into a jukebox of sorts, on which Kornveits plays eight tracks. 

דף התערוכה

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