#1 / The morning after a wonderful opening night

It was a wonderful opening night yesterday.

מאיה דוניץ ואלונה רודה

During the day, One hundred thousand Haredim (ultra orthodox Jews) were marching in protest of the high court decision to stop the practice that separates Ashkenazy and Sephardic girls in an orthodox school in the town of Immanuel. The streets were blocked, but still around 400 people arrived to our enclave of sanity! Really good, interesting, beautiful crowd. Check out some images on our faebook—Yaffo Twenty Three.

It was amazing; I enjoyed the fact that no one was entirely sure how it all works. Maya Dunietz was playing the great wheel and the rattling bass sound stage of Alona Rodeh. Then Lovegrenade came up. It was noisy but fun. They spread out in the great gallery space each playing as if by himself with a little gathering of visitors—together and apart. Ashkara Metim and Robokoff, worked out wonderfully playing through video cameras and TV monitors. It was all about mesh-up, one artist through another, one medium translated into another.

Roy Brand


לדף התערוכה

לתכנית התערוכה 


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