#1 / Coming Soon

Working like hell, like crazy, it’s unbelievable. But it’s coming together gradually. The first cycle (called simply #1) would be full of meditative to intensive works that explore the new space through sound. Most of the work is “live art”, which we call sound-actions and all visitors are participants. One artist would record the walls to retrieve its audio history – an archeology of sound (the space used to be the old switch board operator of Jerusalem). Another will bring in the sounds of Jerusalem – the mosques and churches on Friday and Saturday afternoon, as if making the space breath in the surrounding air – making it a space meditation. Here’s a first image from an installation by Alona Rodeh. It’s a huge wheel that has speakers installed and would roll in circles like an ancient olive press. Maya Dunietz, an artist DJ, would play through it at the opening night.

לדף התערוכה

לתכנית התערוכה


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